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prism accuracy comparisonTo manufacture the world’s best lenses, we reinvented how lenses are made. If traditional lens making was a crude process of “pressing” lenses into shape, advanced Spin Cast Manufacturing is a minimally intrusive method of "spinning" lenses into shape. The problem with pressing a lens into shape is that mold separation always leaves behind microscopic scars on the lens surface. This method is also prone to creating edge defects and uneven lens thickness, which leads to inaccurate vision and wearer discomfort. Spin Casting eliminates all of these problems; with Spin Cast Manufacturing, you can expect exact lens prisms, silky smooth surfaces, gentle edges, and the same reliable comfort from all your lenses, all the time.

What’s even better is that our plastic molds double up as the lens container itself, reducing the use of both water and plastic by an astonishing 70%. Since no one has to remove your lens from its mold and place it in a blister pack, nobody touches your lenses but you.

In short, Clearlab is the future of lens manufacturing.

+ Flawless lens prism
+ Virtually free of surface irregularities

+ No human touch during manufacture
+ Virtually no edge defects

spin cast technology spin cast technology