Naturally Moist.

Hioxifilcon ADiscover the science behind the amazing water retention rate of Hioxifilcon A

To develop the perfect moisturizer for our lenses, we went back to Mother Nature for answers. AquagripTM Technology acts like the natural tear film on our eyes. Our scientists isolated a unique component to our tears known as mucin and modified its structure to multiply its water holding powers. Mucin is a naturally occurring glycoprotein in our tear fluid; it is the hydroxyl (OH) groups of mucin that actually bond to water. If traditional lenses only had one arm for holding onto water, imagine AquagripTM as two strong arms holding onto both ends of a water molecule. Like magnets, these arms allow the water molecule to attract more water molecules, recreating a stable tear film on the lens' surface.

If you have dry eyes, eyedia® Brand contact lenses may be the best idea for you.