Eyedia<sup>®</sup> Fresh Daily

eyedia® soft 58

  • Dependable etafilcon A material is high in water content and exhibits superb water retention capacity.
  • Truform Technology ensures uniform lens thickness and rounded edges for maximum comfort.
  • Aspheric Optics, coupled together with Truform® Technology, results in incomparable visuals for the patient.
  • Large diameter assists in centering of the lens and provides practitioners with a versatile fitting lens.
  • Double blind clinical trials have revealed overwhelming preference for eyedia® soft 58 over equivalent leading brand product.
  • Class 2 UV protection

soft 58

Enhancing Performance Through Innovative Design

eyedia® soft 58 has been extensively tested in a range of studies on a bi-weekly frequent replacement basis. The advantages of the Truform® thin edge have been evaluated in a 3 month study conducted in Australia and the UK.

Truform® Edge Design

  • Results in smoother and thinner geometry
  • Optimum movement with superior comfort
  • Higher acceptance rate from wearers

Positive Wearer Preference

  • Switching wearers to eyedia® soft 58 gives high patient satisfaction
  • Clinical data showed equivalence to other market leading etafilcon lenses in terms of vision, handling, fit and comfort

Clinical preference: more than 60% of wearers fround eyedia® soft 58 lenses to be equal to or better than lenses of other leading brands.

Give your eyes the clear vision it deserves with eyedia® soft 58.

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