Eyedia<sup>®</sup> Fresh Daily Disposable

eyedia® fresh daily disposable

Naturally Comfortable

  • Biocompatible Hioxifilcon A material is naturally comfortable on the eye; excellent for dry eye and allergy patients.
  • AquagripTM technology enables lens to retain virtually all water content during wear period.
  • High water content and unsurpassed water retention is excellent for dry eye patients
  • Spin Cast Technology reproduces 100% accurate lens prisms, all the time. Lenses have virtually no edge defects or surface irregularities.
  • Aspheric Optics, coupled together with ultra stable lens dimensions (due to high hydrophilicity), means that patients get the same crisp and clear vision, all day.
  • Green manufacturing technology uses 70% less water and plastic.

aquagrip imageBiocompatible material

eyedia® fresh daily disposable contact lenses provide unsurpassed, long-asting comfort. That's because eyedia® fresh daily disposable is made with AquagripTM technology, which water binding properties enhance resistance to dehydration and increase lens surface wetability, endowing greater hydrophilic properties to the lens material. As a result, a consistent lens dimension is maintained, providing crisp, clear optics to your eyes. Wearers benefit from longer, more comfortable wearing times, and an all around positive lens experience.

The best option for you and your eyes

eyedia® fresh daily disposable brand contact lenses allow you to wear your lenses whenever, wherever you want. No more worries about cleaning, maintenance, storage, or damage to the lenses. Because you start every day fresh, with a new pair of eyedia® fresh daily disposable contact lenses you will enjoy crystal clear aspheric optics, long-lasting comfort, and of course, healthy eyes.

Wearers' Perference

Clinical studies prove that twice as many contact lense wearers prefer eyedia® fresh daily disposable lenses over the leading daily disposable brand.

Your eyes deserve a fresh new idea : eyedia® fresh daily disposable.

fresh daily disposible specifications