About clearlab®

The clearlab® group is a global organization dedicated to providing innovative contact lens products and services to the international marketplace. We have been providing affordable, uncompromising vision to contact lens wearers in Europe and Asia for more than two decades. Our daily disposables are now a leading brand in northern Europe, where doctors and patients alike have expressed overwhelming preference for our lenses not only for its convenience, health and value, but also for our stand on the environment. Our cutting edge manufacturing system conserves up to 70% of water and plastic, while leading the industry in quality standards.


about Clearlab

About Clearlab US, Inc.

Located in Georgia, Clearlab US, Inc. is the distributor of eyedia® brand contact lenses. Our proprietary eyedia® brand is custom manufactured for the domestic market, bringing together exclusivity and quality for private practices across the nation.

Our easy to fit products will reduce chair time and patient complications, leading to dramatically improved patient retention, and ultimately, the trust and loyalty of your patients. Our representatives are always ready to provide customized solutions to help you grow your practice.


Our Mission

Clearlab's mission is to help independent practitioners meet the needs of their patients with products that provide comfort, clarity and value. From doctors to their patients, our organization is dedicated to building long lasting relationships all along the way. At the end of the day, we wish to see our doctor's practices as strong and vibrant as the communities they serve.